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  • 2016-8-10
    The role of tea polyphenols in beverages
    Tea polyphenols have a protective effect on the pigment and vitamins in food, which can prevent the food from fading and improve the stability of the food. Tea polyphenols applied ...
  • 2016-8-10
    Application of tea polyphenols in daily chemical industry
    Commonly used in cosmetics oily grease, wax, hydrocarbons and other raw materials and spices, surface active agent, easy with oxygen in the air to react, generated after reaction (...
  • 2016-8-10
    Application of tea polyphenols in food
    Phenolic hydroxyl groups in tea polyphenols have the ability to provide active protons, which can capture the free radicals formed by the oxidation of oils and fats. Its scavenging...

Anhui Redstar Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd

Anhui Redstar Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd
Situated between the famous scenic spots Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhuashan Mountain,Anhui Redstar Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of tea extracts in China. It is registered in Jinxian Technology Developing Zone which is the N...

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