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Application of tea polyphenols in food

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Phenolic hydroxyl groups in tea polyphenols have the ability to provide active protons, which can capture the free radicals formed by the oxidation of oils and fats. Its scavenging activity of free radicals up to more than 98%, so that a chain reaction interrupted to prevent the oxidation of oils and fats, has excellent antioxidant effect, is the ideal natural substitute BHA, BHT. Fried and baked foods generally contain about 20% oil, and after high temperature frying, easy oxidation. Adding tea polyphenols can prolong the shelf life of 1-2 times. Enema, dried meat, pickled wax, canned and other meat cooking, the cooking water preparation of GTP solution of 0.1%, and the certificate for the use of a significant antioxidant effect. Tea polyphenols content up to 40% of lard, instant noodles, sausages, biscuits and other peroxidation inhibition rate can reach 75-95%, obviously better than BHA and BHT and VE and with CV, ve etc. have synergistic effect, can enhance the food in VA and VB2, B - carrot pigment stability and inhibit the growth of bacteria.
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