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Tea polyphenols

Tea polyphenols

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Tea polyphenols
        Tea polyphenol called green tea extract,Tea polyphenols is a natural 
polyphenol-compound mostly extracted from green tea.Its main component
 is catechins,EGCG.It has an outstanding effect on ant-oxidant and scave-
nging activated free radicals.It is regarded to be good to the health,cos-
metics,longevity and cancer prevention of people.The product is widelyu-
sed in food,medicine,health products,cosmetics and daily chemical indus-
try etc.It is a pure natural green health food additives,dietary supplements 
and food raw materials.
        Physical character:light yellow to yellow-brown or light green pow-
ders with bitter taste.
        Storage:keep away from light and wind,store in cool and dry place.
        Speciality:no pesticide-remained,high pellucid,low solvent-remained

 tea extract.

Spectification of tea poiyppenois

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