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Tea is now the world"s influx of health products

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China International Tea chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang Province Branch Secretary General Yu Min see "health weekly" call for everyone to drink tea health article after the call to the newspaper: "tea is now the world"s influx of health products."
Fang Yumin said that more and more people are talking about health, talking about health care, what to take to keep in good health? Take what to health care? This is getting more and more attention. In fact, everyone around you have a good baby, it is tea! Tea can help you meditation, detoxification, it is the best magic weapon of China"s health, it is the return of reason. But this awareness is not enough.
Tea is a non alcoholic beverage.
Fang Yumin said that after entering the 21st century, international market four types of plant extracts products development and rapid, the first class is losing weight, lowering blood fat, lowering blood glucose; the second category is the brain, puzzle, anti brain aging products; the third is improve vision and prevent age-related macular degeneration and other products; the fourth category is cancer, enhance the body"s own immune system products. Among all the hot used plant extracts, only the green tea extract covers the 4 categories, which can be seen in the medical and health care value.
Hangzhou, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of statistics, in the first five months of this year, Hangzhou export tea and tea products 651 batches, the value of 1732.5 dollars, year-on-year growth 52.1% and 52%.
China"s tea industry is the only academician, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, China Tea Society honorary chairman, tea famous scientist Mr. Chen Zong Mao is research of tea in the world, one of the authority. He said, "tea for the country to drink", there should be more people to care about the tea, the study of tea. Chen pointed out that the earliest tea as a medicinal material found detoxification. The earliest Chinese tea to the Western output, but also as the "magic of the east of the grass" because of its medicinal value is accepted by Westerners, early in Western Europe, some countries, people only in the pharmacy to buy tea. Tea has become one of the world"s three largest non alcoholic beverages. And the application and development of the developed countries in the world of tea has no less than China, especially the main tea polyphenol extract, in 2009 the total industrial scale has reached $100 billion, Japan reached the $200 billion.
Drink tea on children"s favor
Served as director of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Tea Association chairman, China International Tea Culture Research Association vice president, famous tea, tea culture expert Cheng Qikun professor noted in particular: "now some people think that children can not drink tea. In fact, children can not drink tea, drink tea is beneficial to the child"s body. Especially in Japan, the promotion of primary school students to go to school every day to drink a cup of tea. Because drinking tea can enhance memory and resistance."
Often drink tea in the elderly mostly ercongmuming, because tea essence of tea polyphenols and tea pigments and other substances, to human energy metabolism plays a very good role. Tea also contains a high acid, to enhance memory, cancer has a certain role. Tea and some refinement, for people with bad breath, rose up in the morning to catch the tea into his mouth. Finally, eat, the mouth nor how smelly.
Tea polyphenols can also adjust the fluid, protect the skin, prevent disease, prevent scurvy. Long term radiation, exposure to biological agents, doctors and nurses, we must insist on tea, because tea has a strong anti radiation function.
Associate Professor, Department of tea science, Zhejiang University, serves as the Zhejiang Province Tea Association Deputy Secretary General Wang Yuefei, said, and his professor teacher total years of green tea in the tea polyphenols do research shows that green tea is the biggest characteristic of containing tea polyphenol is particularly high, good green tea containing up to more than 30%. Tea polyphenols are the characteristics of green tea, often drink green tea can prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer, protect the liver, sterilization, protect the teeth, these effects are related to tea polyphenols.
Experiments show that, if use cold water to make tea, especially rough and old tea can help for the treatment of diabetes, in the "China tea" also to have the record. At present, there are people in Japan, the old tea so that people with diabetes drink. So, tea does not have to spend too much money to drink good tea, tender tea.
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